what to wear

What to wear??  That is the big question- the number one questions I am asked before a session!

The best advice I can tell you is to show up as yourself.

By that I mean, dress as your style. Be you. Do not wear matching white shirts or plaid sweaters if you don’t normally dress like that.

Here are a few basics that I think work everytime: Be comfortable and feel good about what you are wearing. Don’t dress your whole family in white or the exact same color. Photos are more interesting if there is some depth in the colors and textures of your clothing. I love color, I love stripes, I love patterns- so be bold but at the same time don’t go overboard.

Let your kids wear what they like– you want to remember your family as they are at this time. Put your toddlers in their favorite clothes- their favorite tutu of the moment or even their fireman costume from Halloween. My favorite sessions these days are lifestyle sessions and I want to capture your life the way it really is.

There is no need to match. Sure, coordinate the colors if you like. Try not to clash. Before you walk out the door, take a look at the group as a whole- do you look like you? Do you coordinate- not clash? If so, you’re all set.

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