Project Daily 2014 | What is it?

I follow quite a few photographers that are part of a Project 365. The goal is to take a photo daily with the big camera.  I really wanted to join in this year but had such a disruptive January, that I knew I couldn’t commit. But now it is February and I am determined to pick up my big camera more, to push myself as a photographer and document our daily life.  Mostly the images will be of my son but I am going to try and incorporate photos of my city (Seattle is so photogenic and a more willing subject than my son) and throw in some images of interesting people I come across.  I am inspired by a project called the 100 Strangers project and I really want to do something like it!  I will try to edit and upoad them daily- but I might miss a days here or there, so please forgive me in advance!  The goal is not perfection, in fact it will most likely be quite a messy glimpse into our house and real loves-  it is about documentation in a meaningful way- so here we go!


project 2
project 4

S e a r c h
S u b s c r i b e
S c h e d u l e   a   s e s s i o n